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Crack of Dawn Crafts is a Bangalore based business, set up in April 2014. Our vision is to create a truly memorable experience for all special occasions. Whether it was a birthday, anniversary, baby shower or wedding, we aim to create original, unique and very attractive invitations, gift boxes and decoration designed to make that event an extra special experience for all involved. Apart from the celebration aspect of the special occasion, we have a spectacular range of handmade gifts like albums, scrapbooks, wall décor, elaborate cards and more which cover the 'gifting' aspect of the special occasion.

The name Crack of Dawn Crafts is born out of the founder, Sunehra Koshy's preferred time to craft. When she first started pursuing this hobby, being a mother to 2 small children, she only found time to craft after the kids were in bed which is why she was perpetually crafting till the 'crack of dawn'! 

Today Crack of Dawn Crafts boasts a product range of over 500 designs and a growining client base of more than 36000 customers every year, from all over India and overseas. All our products are designed and handcrafted at the Crack of Dawn Studios in Bangalore. Sunehra Koshy is the sole designer and her team of women from under-privedged backgrounds take care of production. We retail out of our studio in Bangalore, online via our website and all leading marketplaces.

At Crack of Dawn Crafts, we undertake any type of custom order for birthdays, weddings, new babies and other celebrations.  We have two verticals - catering to events as well as gifting. With regards to events, the products created are invitations, favour boxes, gift boxes, money envelopes, table decor, wall decor and other related items. With regards to gifting, the products available are albums, scrapbooks, photo frames, explosion gift boxes and more. We undertake bulk orders for any product category and work tirelessly to ensure your event or occasion is a smashing success!


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Crack of Dawn Crafts

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