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25 Years of Togetherness Scrapbook - copy

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This scrapbook measures 12" by 12", contains 9 pages and 18 sides and comes with a keepsake box. It contains space for photographs of your engagement, your wedding, your honeymoon, your families and for all the years from year 1 culminating in year 25. Additionally, interspersed between every 4 years is a space for 'Special Moments'. Each photo space contains a flap allowing for 3 photographs per topic and since there are 38 topics, totally this book will accommodate 110 photos of 4" by 6". The Typical page plan would be:

Intro Pic

Our Engagement

Our Wedding

Our Families

Our Honeymoon

Our Friends

Our First Year - Our 25th Year

Special Moments (interspersed between every 4 topics)

Available in any colour combination. Note: As all items are handmade, minor variations from the product pictures may occur.